[Sarah & Luke- Engagement Session]-Chicago Engagement Photographers- Continuum Photography

Engagement shoots usually start off a bit awkward as most aren’t used to 1) being photographed, 2) PDA, and 3) me trying to provide occasional vague instructions. So it’s always a joy to work with a couple who right off the bat just seems to be relaxed and at ease with the camera. Their session started off with some light rain, which had been going off and on all day. We had decided after one indoor stop to just go for it… I mean there is a certain romantic element to rain right? Well as luck would have it the weather cleared up and we went about our business. I’m not sure if it was the anticipation of a wet day that led to the finale in the Crown Fountain, or that I was just that persuasive when I said, “hey it’d be a cool shot if you guys stood in front of the water spray.” I mean really, I wasn’t expecting that level of adventure out of anyone. Needless to say it indeed was a pretty cool series of shots. Good thing our loft is close by and our dryer fully operational. I can only imagine what kind of trouble we are going to get into next Saturday. Water slides? Super soakers? Fire hoses? We’ll see you guys in a few days!

– Josh













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